Community Paramedicine

Community Paramedicine in Lambton County started in August of 2017 and is currently being operated as a 1 year pilot. Community Paramedics are able to provide high quality in home monitoring  to clients that have complex medical issues. We work collaboratively with other community partners ensuring clients receive the right care at the right time. The goals of the program are to decrease unnecessary 911 calls, reduce emergency room visits and hospital admissions by helping at risk residents stay healthy and happy in their homes. 

Public Access Defibrillator

Through the PAD program we provide training,preventative maintenance and quality assurance for all AED`  s  we place in the community. To find out if your organization is eligible for placement please contact us.

What is an AED?

An Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) is a portable lifesaving device that quickly and safely evaluates the electrical activity of a victim’s heart and determines if the heart would benefit from applying a “shock” of energy. Together with CPR, early defibrillation can dramatically increase the survival rate for someone who has suffered a sudden cardiac arrest. 

Cool Aid

The County of Lambton Emergency Medical Services Department introduced the Cool Aid Program to Lambton County residents in 2005. The Cool Aid Program consists of a fold-up, magnetized form that contains medical information.

The magnet allows the form to stick on the outside of a fridge. Inside the form, is a space to record personal information, medical issues, prescribed medications, and allergies. Lambton's Paramedics are trained to look for this form when responding to calls for medical assistance.

To get a copy of a Cool Aid Form for your home, call the Emergency Medical Services Department at 519 882-2442.

Station Community Gardens

During the summer months Lambton paramedic` s tend to our community gardens located at all of our stations. Vegetables that are collected are donated to the Inn of the Good Sheppard in Sarnia.

Community Events

Lambton County Paramedics attend many community events throughout the year ranging from Emergency Preparedness day to the Emergency Services night at Progressive Arena. If you have an event or health fair that you would like one of our staff to attend please call us at 519-882-2442 to see if we are available.