About us


Who We Are

Lambton EMS currently employs 70 Full-time and 78 Part-time Paramedics; of those, 127 are Primary Care Paramedics and 21 are Advanced Care Paramedics. On a daily basis, 10 Ambulances provide 24-hour coverage and are staffed with two Paramedics.


Where We Are

Paramedics work at nine different stations located at Brigden, Corunna, Forest, Grand Bend, Petrolia, Sarnia, Brights Grove, Thedford, and Watford.


Who We Serve

Lambton EMS is committed to improving the quality of life for the residents and visitors of the community by providing quality care and service that is efficient, effective, reliable and safe. All of our paramedics are committed to providing the best care possible for every patient. The emergency response fleet consists of 15 Ambulances, 4 Emergency Response Vehicles, 1 Community Paramedic Response vehicle. 


What We Do

 In 2017 Lambton Paramedics responded to over 24,000 calls for service. This includes almost 15,000 calls for medical assistance and nearly 10,000 stand-by coverage requests. We also completed over 600 proactive home visits with seniors throughout Lambton through our community paramedic program.